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Is your home or office secured for the holiday season?

The holiday season is just around the corner and while it is imperative that you should make lavish plans and go out for vacation, of equal importance is maintaining the security and safety of your house and office. The holiday season has always been the favourite time of the year for burglars and thieves who […]

How to make your home more energy efficient and green?

In today’s world, the increasing global warming, the rising levels of sea water, depletion of ozone layer, increase in polluting gases and other such environmental phenomena are on the rise. And in such times, there is an increased focus on going green. With studies stating that buildings produce more Co2 than even vehicles, it is […]

Six ways to transform your home’s exterior

What do you imagine when you see a house in front of you? Of course, you have some decoration you would love to have in the exterior part of the house. The outer part of your home is what gives people the first impression about your friends and family and how you care about your […]

Why uPVC windows & doors are better?

While wood clamp windows and doors are difficult to repair they are also prone to termite attacks and don’t hold up to the weather. Aluminium windows as well as being a thermal conductor is prone to corrosion. The gaps and noise in both timber and aluminium add to the disadvantages. The solution is uPVC known […]

The Federal Government wants all homes for sale or rent to have an energy efficient rating

The Federal Government wants all homes for sale or rent to have an energy efficient rating. The rating system is supposed to reveal the energy performance of a building, to inform people whether they could face big power bills to heat or cool a home. Scores are awarded according to the home’s energy efficiency. A […]