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In today’s world, the increasing global warming, the rising levels of sea water, depletion of ozone layer, increase in polluting gases and other such environmental phenomena are on the rise. And in such times, there is an increased focus on going green. With studies stating that buildings produce more Co2 than even vehicles, it is the time that you go green while building your homes too. And here comes the concept of green homes which are built from scratch or modified from existing buildings to create an environment friendly, aesthetically pleasing and much cleaner home. While there are direct benefits for green homes like tax benefits, reduced making costs and others, indirectly you end up saving a lot of money on building as well as your heating bills.

Energy installations

Green homes have solar panels installed for harnessing solar energy and obtaining electricity. These panels are intricately placed at several places which maximize the potential and ensure that you generate enough electricity to power all your devices.

While the panels generate electricity, you might want to look at energy efficient solutions for doors and windows as well. The UPVC windows are highly energy efficient and weather resistant which makes them perfect for your green home. They bring down the costs of energy as well as installation and also lower the carbon footprint.

Proper insulation is done in green homes to have a low carbon footprint and also to prevent extra spending on external devices. A great addition to the homes can be the UPVC windows and doors which provide better insulation than most other materials. The Un-plasticised Polyvinyl Compound which is used for these windows and doors is a good insulator unlike aluminium for example which is a thermal conductor.

Energy saving lights are used to provide optimum lighting at low costs and with longer life span. CFLs, LEDs and other similar electrical products will not only save you energy but also last longer thereby saving your money.

Things like a more efficient ceiling fan and frequent changing of the furnace filter can result in you saving a lot of money and going green at the same time. Here, the UPVC windows and doors made by Future Tech Windows and Doors can be a game changer as these windows have low condensation which helps in keeping your house warm and comfortable without any additional costs.

Other installations for the green homes

Having low flow taps and water sources installed in places like sink, bathroom and toilet can lead to tremendous amounts of water saving.

Water recycling can be done by using the waste water for gardens or for the plants. This will not only provide nutrients to the plants but also save water.

Recycling materials is a major point in making green homes and for starters you can use the UPVC windows and doors for the home as they are entirely recyclable and require very low maintenance which makes them cost and energy efficient.

The UPVC windows can be custom made by Future Tech Windows and Doors such that you can use them in all places within your green home to ensure high savings in terms of energy, cost and maintenance.