What is uPVC?

uPVC stands for Unplasticised Poly Vinyl Chloride, and is also known as vinyl windows. It is a rigid, extremely durable and long lasting form of PVC used in the building industry.

How long has uPVC been used in Australia?

uPVC windows are relatively new in Australia. They are commonly used in Europe and the US and are valued for durability and protection from extreme weather. The use of uPVC with double or triple glazed glass provide windows with extra insulation and energy efficiency. In Europe, almost 80% of all windows are made from uPVC.

What is uPVC used for?

uPVC is known in the building industry as a low-maintenance material around the world. It is used in:

  • Window frames and sills
  • Doors
  • Fascia
  • Cladding
  • Plumbing: pipes, gutters, downpipes.

About our uPVC products

  • Multi-chambered
  • Strengthened by galvanized steel reinforcement
  • High percentage of titanium dioxide (prevents damage from harsh Australian UV rays)
  • Fitted with a German-made multi-point locking system.

So how does uPVC compare to what we use in Australia?

We don’t have the extreme weather of Europe or the US, however, the sun, UV rays, salt, and rain can cause a lot of damage to our timber and aluminum window frames.

Timber rots over time. Aluminum corrodes and doesn’t insulate well as it is a thermal conductor

uPVC makes up for the shortcomings of timber and aluminum – and has even more benefits.

10 Benefits of uPVC

Custom made

shapes, surfaces, and colours of windows and doors are made to suit individual preferences

Timber look and feel

texture and colours that look like timber are available


doesn’t rot, fade, and is resistant to corrosion (including salt corrosion)

High security

multi-point locks and multi-chambered uPVC reinforced with galvanized steel provide additional safety

Low maintenance

Quick and easy to clean, no further costs

Fire safety

uPVC is fire resistant and our products are BAL-40 approved

Weather proof

welded construction of quality seals and glass will keep your home comfortable – through the hottest summers and coldest winters

Environmentally friendly

can be recycled up to 10 times or put into new products

Cuts down noise

the glass can reduce it as much as 70% (uPVC Windows – The Energy Efficient Solution)

Energy efficient

will save 30-40% in energy costs – great for you and the environment.

Why is an energy efficient home so important?

Heating and cooling costs make up a large part of a household’s costs. It can also have negative environmental affects. But good design and construction can make all the difference.

The Australian government provides some great information about heating and cooling – Your Energy Savings website.

And for better energy rates and tips for building a sustainable home if you’re buying, renovating or building, Your Home- Australian Government Energy Regulator website.

Isn’t uPVC expensive?

uPVC products certainly are not cheap. Consider the benefits:

  • 30-40% savings in your home heating and cooling costs
  • Increase your home resale value
  • Cut out maintenance costs
  • Better acoustics (great for houses in high traffic areas)
  • Exceptional quality and looks.

Want to know more about uPVC products?

Read about uPVC Doors and uPVC Windows. And visit our showroom to see and feel the difference with uPVC.