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While wood clamp windows and doors are difficult to repair they are also prone to termite attacks and don’t hold up to the weather. Aluminium windows as well as being a thermal conductor is prone to corrosion. The gaps and noise in both timber and aluminium add to the disadvantages.

The solution is uPVC known as Un-plasticised Polyvinyl Chloride which is today’s most chosen material, highly superior to PVC which is rather hard and stiff therefore unsuitable to many uses.

uPVC Windows come with a very high quality surface finish, soft contoured profiles and a variety of styles to meet the needs of the most demanding architects, designers and users. It is eco-friendly, weather resistance and doesn’t change its shape under weather conditions. Its recyclable and more energy efficient than others.

FutureTech Doors and Windows has unbeatable options in uPVC doors and windows in Melbourne. We are a family business of uPVC doors and windows with a history dating back to 1982 when our family started manufacturing timber windows and doors adding the PVC option in 1996. We don’t mass produce and every door and window is custom made for each individual project. We put all our products together by hand and run a comprehensive quality assurance program.

So give us a call today or request a free quote to transform your home or office.