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The Federal Government wants all homes for sale or rent to have an energy efficient rating

The Federal Government wants all homes for sale or rent to have an energy efficient rating. The rating system is supposed to reveal the energy performance of a building, to inform people whether they could face big power bills to heat or cool a home. Scores are awarded according to the home’s energy efficiency.

A score of zero means the building does virtually nothing to protect occupants from hot or cold weather.

A score of 10 means occupants may not need a heater or cooler at all.

The scheme would be based on an existing rating system, which has been used in ACT for more than a decade.

New homes in Australia already have to meet a minimum energy efficiency rating, which is now six stars across most states and territories. But the Government’s plan would require homes for sale and rent to also have a rating.

Why uPVC windows & doors are better?

While wood clamp windows and doors are difficult to repair they are also prone to termite attacks and don’t hold up to the weather. Aluminium windows as well as being a thermal conductor is prone to corrosion. The gaps and noise in both timber and aluminium add to the disadvantages.

The solution is uPVC known as Un-plasticised Polyvinyl Chloride which is today’s most chosen material, highly superior to PVC which is rather hard and stiff therefore unsuitable to many uses.

uPVC Windows come  with a very high quality surface finish, soft contoured profiles and a variety of styles to meet the needs of the most demanding architects, designers and users. It is eco-friendly, weather resistance and doesn’t change its shape under weather conditions. Its recyclable and more energy efficient than others.

FutureTech Doors and Windows has unbeatable options in uPVC doors and windows in Melbourne. We are a family business of uPVC  doors and windows with a history dating back to 1982 when our family started manufacturing timber windows and doors adding the  PVC option in 1996. We don’t mass produce and every door and window is custom made for each individual project. We put all our products together by hand and run a comprehensive quality assurance program.

So give us a call today or request a free quote to transform your home or office.

Six ways to transform your home’s exterior

What do you imagine when you see a house in front of you? Of course, you have some decoration you would love to have in the exterior part of the house. The outer part of your home is what gives people the first impression about your friends and family and how you care about your property. This is the last thing you notice when you go out in the morning and the first things you observe when you are driving in after long working hours. All homeowners would like their home to reflect their personality, with colour that brings the best out of their home. Do you want your house to stand out from the crowd? Do you want an attractive exterior from your neighbours? If you intend listing your home on the market, make sure it has undergone a substantial renovation. Whether you want to buy, sell or just update your own house, the tips from this article will undoubtedly help you reach your goal! At Future Tech Windows and Doors, we are dedicated to helping our clients improve the appearance of their home and most importantly improve the comfort in their own home. Listed below are the few ways you can that will help you achieve these results.

1. Update the Windows

First impression counts, so start with the renovation on the outside of your house. This could mean that you apply a new coat of paint, removing moisture and mould and using a protective layer on the façade that repels these troublemakers. This way you immediately take care of everything, and that will save you a lot of annoyance and stress in the coming years. At Future Tech Windows and Doors we help you update your windows. You can be sure of having a new, fresh and safer home with the advanced window replacement. You can select from the varieties of window updates like, tilt & turn, awning, bay or bow, casement, sliding, stacker or bi-fold. Future Tech Windows and Doors has you covered irrespective of the style of your property because we have the best window that will suit your needs.  

2. Landscape garden

You can add value to your property by landscaping your yard this is because it beautifies the living area. Do not forget to get the best out of your garden, do not make the garden too big. You can select from a variety of decorative gravel, attractive, durable material like slate for the maintenance of the garden. Also, you have a space for decking area, plants, and ornamental hedges. It is worth allocating part of your environmental spending budget if you want to transform the look of your home. The design phase often does not include environmental improvement that will improve homework, thus discharging the overall impact of the finished project. We often advise clients to interact with the landscaper and have a product concept. Even if you do not have a detailed diagram, the conceptual approach is usually enough to guide you in the right direction to ensure that the garden design reflects and aligns with your new home. The most popular options at this time include bonded aggregate roads and low maintenance plants. Artificial lawns also become commonplace as the products have been developed in recent years with much more convincing results. A well-done landscaping will transform the exterior of your home without having to spend a fortune.

3. Exterior Painting

The walls and the exterior woodworks need a good painting regularly. Life will be breathed into the exterior part of your property with the good painting. You should try a different colour. You could get inspiration from the neighbourhood, to discover the design or colour that best suit your house.

4. Cladding

What do you do when the exterior layer of your home is getting weaker and deteriorating? Adding an extra layer will be the way to go. Cladding with stones and timbers gives a very durable and attractive end finish; coating can also help protect your property from being damaged by weather preventing the deterioration of your house.

5. Roofline

The exterior of your home can be beautified with proper roofing. Guttering, bargeboards, Fascias, and soffits are all uPVC products, so maintenance is no longer an issue. You could complement the property with excellent colours like black, cream or even white. An upgraded roofline will prevent water ingress and any form of damp issues that may result later. Changing the tiles can have a significant impact on the look of your home. For decades, mass-market builders have chosen large-format concrete tiles. They tend to be more porous than clay or slate and, therefore, are more likely to experience unpleasant organic growth on the surface. These tiles are lighter, meaning that it is not necessary to reinforce the roof structure. The slate dome also provides an excellent contrast against painted plaster or wooden sidewalk. It is also worth considering the change of the opening, which can even have a significant impact on the look of your home. Many properties now have white uPVC camouflage, which is considered to be more discreet but dirtier than uPVC in black. If peeling the tiles, it is good to consider adding insulation and adding additional roof windows if you have rooms in the attic because it is easier to make structural changes to the roof.

6. New front door

A lot of people notice the front door of your house before other exterior parts of your home. At Future Tech Windows and Doors, we help our clients install varieties of uPVC doors that will befit any property style. For more information, you can look into our product page on our website for high-quality front doors.

Summer is almost here and you should have a plan for transforming the exterior of your home by starting with the replacement of your windows from a wide range of Future Tech Windows and Doors. Call us on 03 8360 7858 or send us a message online. Our customer support is always available to answer all your questions.

How to make your home more energy efficient and green?

In today’s world, the increasing global warming, the rising levels of sea water, depletion of ozone layer, increase in polluting gases and other such environmental phenomena are on the rise. And in such times, there is an increased focus on going green. With studies stating that buildings produce more Co2 than even vehicles, it is the time that you go green while building your homes too. And here comes the concept of green homes which are built from scratch or modified from existing buildings to create an environment friendly, aesthetically pleasing and much cleaner home. While there are direct benefits for green homes like tax benefits, reduced making costs and others, indirectly you end up saving a lot of money on building as well as your heating bills.

Energy installations

Green homes have solar panels installed for harnessing solar energy and obtaining electricity. These panels are intricately placed at several places which maximize the potential and ensure that you generate enough electricity to power all your devices. 

While the panels generate electricity, you might want to look at energy efficient solutions for doors and windows as well. The UPVC windows are highly energy efficient and weather resistant which makes them perfect for your green home. They bring down the costs of energy as well as installation and also lower the carbon footprint. 

Proper insulation is done in green homes to have a low carbon footprint and also to prevent extra spending on external devices. A great addition to the homes can be the UPVC windows and doors which provide better insulation than most other materials. The Un-plasticised Polyvinyl Compound which is used for these windows and doors is a good insulator unlike aluminium for example which is a thermal conductor. 

Energy saving lights are used to provide optimum lighting at low costs and with longer life span. CFLs, LEDs and other similar electrical products will not only save you energy but also last longer thereby saving your money.

Things like a more efficient ceiling fan and frequent changing of the furnace filter can result in you saving a lot of money and going green at the same time. Here, the UPVC windows and doors made by Future Tech Windows and Doors can be a game changer as these windows have low condensation which helps in keeping your house warm and comfortable without any additional costs.

Other installations for the green homes

Having low flow taps and water sources installed in places like sink, bathroom and toilet can lead to tremendous amounts of water saving. 

Water recycling can be done by using the waste water for gardens or for the plants. This will not only provide nutrients to the plants but also save water.

Recycling materials is a major point in making green homes and for starters you can use the UPVC windows and doors for the home as they are entirely recyclable and require very low maintenance which makes them cost and energy efficient.

The UPVC windows can be custom made by Future Tech Windows and Doors such that you can use them in all places within your green home to ensure high savings in terms of energy, cost and maintenance.

Is your home or office secured for the holiday season?

The holiday season is just around the corner and while it is imperative that you should make lavish plans and go out for vacation, of equal importance is maintaining the security and safety of your house and office. The holiday season has always been the favourite time of the year for burglars and thieves who wait for the opportunity of sneaking into your home and office and robbing unsuspecting people. Some of the things that you can do to ensure the safety of your home and office are given below.



1) Install a security system for the protection and safety

Security systems are available these days which offer full protection to home and offices. They include cameras, alarms, auto-locks, biometric opening methods and recording facilities which can be customized and put in place depending upon the size of your home and office and the level of protection required. These security systems keep a check on unauthorized access, send you alerts when they are tampered with, alert the neighbours and emergency contacts in case of issues and some are even built to call inform the local police in case of big emergencies. Having such security systems in place you can enjoy your vacation blissfully and without any worries and leave the entire security to these independent systems.

2) Having strong doors and windows which are difficult to get through

The best way to ensure that you are not robbed is by making sure that the first point of contact is steady and deters them. This point of contact are the doors and windows which are generally the easiest to break through and provide access to your home. By using wooden windows, you not only compromise on strength but also make them easily breakable. Enter the uPVC windows which are a specialty product by FutureTech Doors and Windows. The material which is Un-plasticised Polyvinyl Chloride is much tougher than the standard window material and much more corrosion resistant. They not only secure your home from burglars who might want to enter through doors and windows but also provide protection against weathering and wear and tear issues of everyday life. This results in good strength of the windows and higher durability. So if you want to have a first point security in place for your home and office, you can use the personalized UPVC windows.

3) Safety Against Fires

Fires and other external agents can cause great damage to your property in your absence and it is only imperative that you should ensure proper safety of your home and office. The UPVC windows which are custom made by FutureTech Doors and Windows Melbourne are fire resistant and also prevent fires from spreading inside the house by acting as a barrier. So, in case of any accident, while normal windows would aid the spread of fire due to the materials they are made of, the UPVC windows and doors would act as deterrents and prevent the fire from catching or spreading through the house.

What Is UPVC?